Everybody always said that it is bad to eavesdropping

But, ironically I found most of the topic of my posting from eavesdropping :)

Today, the topic is about cellphone and privacy...

I was passing the cafetaria when I heard this conversation and decided to pretend not to listen :

Lady 1 : So, finally she filled for divorce?

Lady 2 : Yup, she still insist that the reason because not for the other women

Lady 1 : Okay..., I am listening...

Lady 2 : She keep on saying that God is good... God is good... He gives me insight on what is really going on

Lady 1 : What happened

Lady 2 : Her husband forgot to bring his cellphone... Soooo, she started to check the cellphone and find many text messages saying thank you for the money that he has given to them....

Lady 1 : Who is "THEM"?

Lady 2 : Well, obviously not their in-laws...or siblings...

Both women sniggered....

Lady 2 : It seems the husband have been distribution money to help his mistress... More than once... And when I told my hubby about it, he said...the guy is cheapskate to his colleagues and friends. Probably because he has been saving to be a generous man to his mistress

Lady 1 suddenly turn her head to lady 3; younger than these ladies, and who has been listening the whole times

Lady 1 : Lady 3, you are still single... Let me give you this advice. If both of you are still dating, cellphone is off limit... You can not check what's in it and neither can he...

Lady 2 : But when both of you officially married, nothing can be kept as a secret...

Lady 1 : Yes, you have the right to check on his cellphones and as well as he able to do that too

While Lady 3 silently nodding her head, I left the cafetaria after getting my lunch heated.

Woww... What do you think? Can or can you not keep a secret from your spouse?

Does being married means you have to be open to one another or you may have a little bit of secrecy ?

I still can not imagine having others check on my cellphone and can not imagine doing the other way around (unless I have to... but then again, I have no spouse to be the victim of my suspicion)
2 Responses
  1. -Indah- Says:

    Ini bisa jadi the next edition of "Nguping Jakarta", Rii.. hihihi :D

  2. bridge Says:

    jangan dooooong... nanti dibilang copy cat....

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