Living alone

Today I read an interesting article on the newspaper

About couples who decided that they do not wish to have kid and just want to spend their life together

I remembered a long time ago a pen friend of mine told me that she and her hubby decided not to have kid. At that time, I thought that her decision is a bit strange... I mean, what's the point of getting married but not to have children?

As times goes by, I starting to understand why several couples decided not to have kids. Perhaps they are worried that they can not give a proper life to their children. Perhaps they are worried they can not give good education or just simply worried that they will have financial problem. Well, having kid means you have to be ready to supply everything for the kid. Starting from meals, clothes, education and most important lessons about life and morality. Do we even have that for ourself?

Anyway, I have to admit it takes guts to make decision: No, I do not want to have kid.

When you said outloud that you are planning to do this and that, it means you are ready to accept whatever consequences and outcomes being the result from that decision...

Meaning, that the person must have make some kind of plan to counter the result ....

Wondering if I am able to make a plan after making a big decision for my life.... and whether I am able to focus to the decision that I will take....
2 Responses
  1. -Indah- Says:

    Hmm.. jadi mikir.. okay, they have decided that they don't want kids.. tapi gimana kalo sang istri pregnant yaa?

  2. bridge Says:

    kan ada obatnya :)

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