So sleepy!!! Help

How to drive away the boredom and sleepyness

1. Go to the bathroom and splash a lot of water in your face, hope this will be able to wake you up
2. Still dreaming about the couch at home? Drink a cup of coffee... Hot bitter no sugar coffee... The bitter will be able to snap you out of your day dreams
3. Still no? Hmmm, let see... erm, drink a lot of water ... What the hell for? Well, you will need to go back and forth to the bathroom... Hopefully the journey to and from the bathroom will be able to open your eyes...
4. No luck? Aish, do not eat any snack with lots of sugar.... It will drive you to the dreamland sooner than you think
5. Read your friend's blog or create this silly postings...
2 Responses
  1. -Indah- Says:

    Wakakakak.. I like #5!! :p

  2. bridge Says:

    hehehehe, I know you would

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