thank you for stealing my friends


My friend told me that story when we were having a little bit of chit chat on Saturday afternoon...

How old are we exactly? Me and my friends were almost 40 and still single... We loves to chat and discuss about our daily life from time to time ... Well, mind you... we need that to talk... That's it...

Anyway, since we are starting to have fewer friends, is only natural that we get to know someone's else friend when we hang out... Like I bring my colleague to this gathering, and several of my friends becoming friends of my colleague as well... I mean, the stock of people entering 40 and still single is decreasing... If we find someone new, and clicked... why not?

Of course, often as the time goes by, my colleague becoming closer to my own friends (oh, and by the way... this is only an example)...

Due to this situation, will it be reasonable for me to say outloud to my colleague : THANK YOU FOR STEALING MY FRIENDS?

When I first heard that story, I was like.... huh? Oh, is not that I am surprise for the jealousy feeling. I felt that too ...sometimes... I have to admit... But to say outloud .... ehm... sounds so immature and not to mention... STUPID?

People comes and goes in our life... Give it a break... Maybe we just too tired to one another... We welcome something new in our life... If we can not be happy for our friends, then the least we could do is to shut up and start to think, where and when the friendship becoming sour?

Perhaps nobody to be blamed for this... It is just a situation that happenned in our life...

Besides, saying such things is not going to get us anything... Your friends and perhaps your colleague will be annoyed and decided to make things even worse by excluding you from their circle of life...

I am sure you would not want that, right? Or yes???
2 Responses
  1. -Indah- Says:

    Hahahaha.. kadang2 can't help but feeling that way, too, sih, Rii, hihihi ;p

  2. bridge Says:

    emang sih... gue juga... cuman kok smp dikeluarin open air gituuuu

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