afraid all the times

I am just one of the people who almost always says yes to their parents.

Most of my friends (sorry can not disclose their identity or they will kill me instantly) would rather try it first before admitted that their parents hold the truth and nothing but the truth.

"I hardly listen to my parents,"One of my closest friend told me. "Whenever they told me do not do this, I would do it the other way around.... If I can prove it that they are wrong, I would be proud... Well, not really tell them.... but you know the satisfaction. Naturally, when whatever they told me is the truth... I would only say in my heart...oh, well... at least I tried..."

Hehehehe.... No wonder I got stuck because I always worry and calculating and thinking hard before finally unable to proceed with whatever I am planning to do.... And therefore, regrets are the only thing that I have....
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