Animals and us

Why we have to give a damn about animal rather than human? I was once asked that by someone.
Hmmm, I actually could answered back, why we have to give a damn about human either? Why made us human so special, and above all creatures that God has created in this world.

Is it because we can think? Is it because we suppose to have moral? Is it because we know what is right and wrong?
If we are all that, then why there are so many people living in poverty? Why human can be a predator other human, worst than animal? Animals hunt to feed themselves. When they have enough, they will stop. And wait until they are hungry or in need, then they will hunt and kill again. Animals kill to protect themselves too. Why those elephants and tigers attacking people? Because people starting to enter the forest to build home. These animals feel threaten. Of course, they will loose one way or the other.

People kill others, not only by really kill them in the real meaning of the words, but kill others by taking their jobs, their home, take advantages from others.

Why can we kill animals for us to eat? Well, let us consider this. There are 100 tigers in the whole wide world. If you kill them everyday, say one for a day, it will only take about 3 months to finish the entire tigers population. And they have not got the chance to breed and have the new generation. After tigers, then what will be next? Lions? Cheetah? Within years, all animals in the whole wide world will be gone entirely. If there are species that still exist, it is only because they are existed in the farms ready to be sell and to be chopped and turn into food. And then resources from mother natures. Like trees, oil, gold, diamond, human can not wait to wipe them all from this earth. They are ready to kill another human being to get what they want. They do not care, if in the matter of years, this exploitation will finish what is left on this earth. Who cares?

Why can we use animals for drug and other chemical testing? Well, okay. Animals are not in the same position with human. They do not have the right in the eye of the law; which does the human create. If companies use them for chemical testing, it will not break the law. No families will look for these creatures. Even if the animal survives the test, they cannot talk about it. But, if you already able to put on your mind that the animal are less worth it than you; then it will not take long before you will take the same on other human being. If you have seen the movie Constant Gardener, you will see it that way. Big pharmacies companies uses poor people somewhere in the Africa for testing their drugs ; to see the effect on human being. Since these people are poor, they do not existed in the eyes of human who consider themselves above all only because they have the power and the money.

Well, my point is actually, if we think that ourselves only is the highest from other creatures in this world that God has created, then sooner or later we will see other less worth than we are. We will feel free to torment them, to assault them, all for the things that we want for them for ourselves. That is the sad story of human race.

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