If you asked me about several things that I could not do properly, then bargaining is one of them... Image hosted by
According to my mom, I was really lousy at thisImage hosted by She reminds me about the first time I had to bargain to buy books from the street market. I knew the price of that book if I buy it from the bookstore. So, here on street market... the price should be cheaper. Or at least that was what I have thought. Then, of course I was surprise when the seller gave me the exact same price with those in the bookstore. And he was very snappishImage hosted by Maybe it was his way to terrorize meImage hosted by in order for me to give in and just buy the book. Then after saw the whole things, my mom approached me and asked me about the price. When I told her, she look at the seller furiously and barked, “What! Are you mad? It is the same price with those in big comfy bookstore over there!”Image hosted by and before that man yelled back at her she snap at me, “Come on! Don’t waste your breath here! I told you we better off with the book in that bookstore...” Image hosted by And, after we walked a few steps... the seller yelled at us, “Mam! Wait up! What’s your bargain to this book?”And then, I did not remember anymore. It was not like bargaining between seller and buyer. But more like two people fighting for what they believe inImage hosted by After for what it seems forever, they finally agree on certain prices. I could not believe it. She got 40% less from the price at the bookstore. She sighed at me and said, “You are totally useless. You let that guy terrorizing you and you just gave up!” I could only smirked.Image hosted by

Does bargain has something to do with language? My mom proved that it has nothing to do with language barrierImage hosted by We were in Singapore when she saw many beautiful scarves. She looked at them, and told me to ask the merchant how much is it. Then, what happen next... despite the language barrier... (My mom speak barely English and the merchant of course know nothing on how to speak Indonesian)... these two just went on and on about setting the correct price for each of them. Using hands and calculator..., finally they were settled to one price and both smiling broadly to each otherImage hosted by Amazing...

Then another time; my mom and I were at Pasar Baru. My eyes spotted this wristwatch that look so cool. This is my other weakness. Whenever I want something, my expression just says it allImage hosted by According to my friend, the merchant will use the opportunity to raise the price knowing that I would pay whatever it takes to have that stuff. Well, back to my story. I went to that store and I asked how much is it. The seller said it is about Rp. 600.000,- I was like...,”Um..., how about Rp. 300.000,-?” My mom looked so shocked. But I was more shocked than her when the merchant just gave in without any resistance at all. My mind was like, Image hosted by! He must still gain some huge profit from the price that I offered him. So, I decided to cancel my purchase and hurriedly walking out from the store my mom. Of course, I got another lecture from her.
“That was wrong. You should bargain at less than half from the price they gave you! You see it just now? They are still having big profit if you buy at half price from what they are offer to you!”Image hosted by

Yeah, yeah... But, sometimes I find myself in a very awkward situation. I felt that, everytime I mentioned a price...Image hosted by the merchant gave me IF ONLY LOOKS COULD KILL-look. Terrifying, but of course that is ridiculous...Image hosted by

Bargain, I suppose is sort of an art of communicationImage hosted by It is the way you know how to talk people into. How to stick with what your want, without annoyed anybody. And still get what you want. This skill, I think... it will take me a very long, loong, loooong time to mastered itImage hosted by And how about you?
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