Being stupid does not means that person is an idiot...

Huh? If you are wondering, what is the difference between the above words, well to me there is...
Stupid means, unable to grasp new things quickly and need longer time absorb the lesson before finally able to applied for real.
Idiot: just plainly stupid and have no hope for what so ever...

I known two people who seems already lazy to learn something new. Oh, sure. We are all frustrated with our life. But, when your frustration started to bug your friends, well for me is really annoying.

As time goes by, we have to have an ability to see, whether this person is just slow learner. Slow learner should not be pushed around to get everything done in a second. Remember, we are all not Einstein. But, if you see there is a progress in them, it means they are willing to take the responsibility.

However, if that person, not only a slow learner, but never do anything right, always argue with everything that people taught them as if they are the right one. SIGHED. And after a few moments, you will see that there is no progress in this person. Watch it! Sooner or later, you will feel to just take the job and do it by yourself. THis is exactly what this person wants! Believe me. They always find a way to avoid new jobs, so they always act as if they do not understand and starting to irritate others. Soon, nobody will trust this person with any kind of jobs. But this person just do not care and seems happy about it.

But then that is life... Everybody has their own way to survive the boredom of their life... I am no different than they are... Only perhaps I refuse to be an idiot all the times... :)
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