Deep Scar

My left knee can't be used to kneel down.... but no, no, no... not because the aging problem... hehehehhe... The truth is, I am such a clumsy person I used to fall down a lot while I was walking on the street. Seriously. My feet step on stone, I lost my balance, I fell. There was one time, I fell on the same spot... twice... So, the previous week I fell when I was walking... Obviously, the wound is still under the healing process and still not recover...Then, a week later, I fell again... hurthing the same knee, in the same still open wound that still has not healed ... You can imagine the hurt and the agony and the urge to scream out loud in pain... But I could not do that as it happenned in a public place. So, I just swallowed my pride and keep on walking with the bloody wound on my left knee. As the result, up to now, I can never ever do a kneel down position using my left knee as it is killing me (not) softly.

I guess in real life, human is like that too... If you get hurt again and again, it will leave you a big and deep scar inside that hard to be healed. Like for example, a person who always been told that he or she is totally an idiot, for the rest of his/her life... That person will think he or she deserve nothing for being so stupid and useless. Imagine to receive the insult constantly from someone who should give love and caring... It will surely leave a deep scar inside and probably will stay like that for eternity...

Hopefully, none of us have that experience. As once we have that deep scar, we will find it hard to find the cure and probably will makes us hard to move on and look for a brighter future
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