the future....

Yesterday, when I went to the office, the weather is so damn cold I decided to wear sort of heavy sweater to keep me warm. Especially since I am using busway every morning, where the air conditioner is still in perfect condition... it would be crazy not to wear sweater...

However, when I went home the weather is super friendly. Meaning, it was totally bright hot I almost melted inside the sweater. Why was I keep on wearing it? Well, of course! I could not bother myself by holding the sweater in my hand while trying desperately find something to hold on inside the bus? That would be suicide... I could trip and fall to other passangers...

Then this morning, the sun shining so bright and the weather is fine. I decided to wear something not so heavy, both of my blouse and my jumper. And now what happen? Heavy rain pouring down to us it made everybody in the office stammering from the cold weather... Brrrr... In short, I wear a wrong costume because I can not predict the exact weather!!!

Well, to be honest... I am not very good in predicting anything. Just look where I am right now? Hehehehehe....

Sometimes not knowing is frightening me... Will I manage to overcome the challenge of not being know to whatever going to happen to me? Or will it become an obstacle for me to reach something that I have been dying to have for a very long time? Am I reckless enough to decide anything without proper planning to handle whatever surprises that may come in the future? Or I live through it and try to pass day by day in peaceful mind?
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  1. -Indah- Says:

    Girlie.. the future is in His hand, we never know for sure what's gonna happen next, right? ;)

    Soo.. put all your worries and fears in Him, and do your part the best that you can and leave the rest to Him ;)

    Cai yoo!!

  2. bridge Says:

    Yeah, you are right... If we can predict the future all the time, our life will be more boring than ever

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