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One day my colleague and I were talking about a lady with odor.... No hard feeling, I just do not like being around them. I can understand why people have odor due to some circumstances like have to be outside for a very long time. But to be working inside a building for almost a day long...? Why can't she do something about it? THe smell is so terrible, if we saw her coming out from one of the restroom, we decided not to enter the restroom and let the others have it... THe smell would still be available inside the restroom ... My colleague who already married, said to me,"I can't imagine how in the heck her hubby could put up with her?" You can even smell it from 30 - 40 cm... Then I said to her,"Well, her hubby is probably get used to it.... I mean, they have kids and such..."

When we first smell something unusual, we will reacted to response the new smell. But after a few minutes, let alone a dozen of years.... our nose will not be able to tell the difference. We would get used to it as human always try to adapting to any changing around their surrounding.

Wondering is that what we are doing when we receive constant insults all the times from people around us. Like saying to your juvenile brother who in trying to back to the right track,"Can you do that? You are used to be a crackhead and idiot..." If you keep on saying that daily, he will think that he is no good and useless person and will sure that everything he do will end up in failure.

Or, we have to bribe someone just to get the job done. We know is wrong, the person who receive the bribe know it as well. But we both get used to it and look at it as something common to get everything done smoothly.

Having something bad for a long time will make us think that is nothing wrong with it... and is just fine... Is just suppose to be that way....

Wow..., from talking about a smell into something like this???? I guess I have to go out much more to clear my head:)
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