Not taking sides

When two people having an argument or dispute, what is the first thing we do? Well, that depends...

If we know only a person from these two, chance is we are going to take side. It is a bit harder when we know both of them very well for ages... We really hates to see things going bad between them because well, we know both of the stories.

Why on earth I am writing this...?

Well, because I just got information about someone that recently making headlines on the media... The things that we know about that person is not entirely true , or at least according to the person who gave me the information.

Then, when I read Honeymoon with my Brother, I was kinda thinking... the book based on the story told by the groom. We only have a glimpse of explanation why the bride cancelled the wedding so sudden when every efforts have been given to make the holy ceremony and celebration going on well.

I suppose, being on a outsider who does not know any of these people give disadvantage and advantage as well.

The disadvantage, we will take sides only for the person who told the story as per their version. We will think, well at least this pereson is willing to share what is the reason this problem occuring in the first place. What about the other person? What was their story? What was their excuses? Not sharing? We often automatically assume that the person who do not share the story is the guilty party. We just assuming then judge the guilty party.

The advantage perhaps, we can give suggestion or give any comments without have to worry the others will get offended. Especially if we receive information from both sides. Oh so the reason he did that is because of these. And the other reacted because of these reasons. Etc.

All I am saying is, when we read any news, or heard anything... I guess we can not just judge the person involved because we have no idea what is really going on. Even if we have heard the story from both sides. Both can be telling the truth. Both can be lying because they just want to show they are right.

Sighed. I feel I can trust any information given to me nowadays...
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