Whenever I saw a great photos on the net, these are the words that I will be saying to them :

1. Nicely done
2. Awesome
3. Gorgeous
4. Oh... so beautiful
5. Oh, soooo cute (mostly to kids and animals)
6. How adorable (again, to kids and animals)
7. Nice shot
8. Great picture
9. On the condition... like... oooh, the picture is soooo romantic
10. Amazing

Come to think of it... I hardly ever give any comment about the technic... Like, oh this picture give me nothing... Is empty... I do not know what you are getting at with this picture... Or the lighting is good... Or the combination of the colours is wonderful... Come to think of it... I hardly say something like that...

Usually I just give comment about how the picture give me some kind of imagination or the first impression that I got from it... Or the first thought that came to my mind...

Well, anyway... what is my intention for taking photos? At first, I like taking photos of me, me and me... Hehehehhe... I can not understand why people just taking photos on sceneries or places without nobody in the picture... I remembered my friend almost lost her patience because I asked her to take photos of me almost every 5 minutes when we were travelling together... She loves taking photos but only sceneries or something that attracting her... So, we both loves taking photos is just with different objects... Hehehehe...

But, recently after I joined websites where people upload their photos... it makes me realize... Those sceneries are already beautiful... Does not need any ornaments to make it so (ornaments meaning: people including myself) and taking photos of them is only for something to remember by... That nature is so beautiful. No simple words can explain how mesmerizing nature is...

Then again, I still can find words easily to praise the beauty of the nature rather than to speak about it technically :)
2 Responses
  1. -Indah- Says:

    Aaarrgghh.. ngeseliiiinn.. tadi udah komen panjang2 eehh kaga masuk *toeng*

    Anywayy.. samaa aah ama elo, Rii.. karena gua sendiri juga kaga terlalu merhatiin teknis dalam menikmati sebuah gambar, huahahaha.. mungkin itu artinyaa.. teknis bukan sesuatu yang penting buat kita :p

    Btw, nih gambar cakeps lhoo.. gua pikir elo ngambil dari internet, taunya hasil jepretan sendiri yaa? Nicee!! ^o^

  2. bridge Says:

    hehehe, thanks... Sebenarnya tuh pemandangan alam sudah bagus... Kita tinggal mengabadikannya aja :)

    Soalnya ada contact gue di myshutterspace blg , karena dia lg belajar dia butuh masukan dari yg lain, jadi jangan cuman oh nice pics, or wonderful... Pikir2...itu juga komen standar gue... hahahahahah

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