seasonal friends

A friend of mine called me last night and told me a loooong story almost about everything that bug her lately....

Well, you know we always belongs to different groups of friends...Often you like to hang out with this group because they like to watch movie and read books, so you all can discuss about it while sipping coffee at the cafe... Another time, you hang out with that group because all of you are going to the party and need to find new dress or even accessories together....

So, anyway this close friend of mine also have this kind of group. She's married and people in this group are also young couples with children. Their husbands met in a routine activities and eventually the wives also joining the club. I often heard they hang out together for all day long. Brunch in Bogor and having dinner back in Jakarta or the other way around. She even being loved by the children of this group. The children always welcoming her and they loves being with her as well she is with them.

But the happy moments are now over.... She felt that most of the time she is being an outcast among her friends... They always discuss and decide things before she arrive Or they are informing her that they will have this gathering somewhere and promise to pick her up... only they never did... And later she found out that they have left her behind without informing her... Making promises to have another gathering that they have no intention to keep or remember... She even feel that perhaps now she is have no job and being a housewife totally, these people started to ignore her and underestimate her....

When I heard that, I told her to get new groups, buddies or whatever to broaden her mind... And to comfort her , I said that probably those so-called friends are just seasonal friends. It was fun in the past when she hang out with them. But if now they do nothing but to hurt her feeling then perhaps she just have to move on.... And do not feel bad about it, because well... that just the way thing is.... There are happy time when you feel you wish to turn off the clock to stop the time... And then there are those sad moment when you wish you could forward the time or just go back to the past and make it all go away....

Almost nothing last forever.... We only have short moment in this world so why should we waste time with people who does not love and appreciate us?
2 Responses
  1. -Indah- Says:

    Perasaan duluu bangets gua pernah baca postingan elo yang mirips ini dhe, Rii..

    Apa tentang orang yang sama yaa?

    Berartii.. dia masih terjebak permasalahan yang sama donks yaa?! Duhh..

  2. bridge Says:

    postingan yg di recycle emang :) tapi gue udah gak terlalu deket lagi lah... mungkin dia bosen ama gue... :D

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