Right? Or Wrong?

two comments from my friends from the previous posting made me create another new posting since to be honest today is the most not so creative day ever....

Do you often see movie about high school where famous kids mocking around kids that looks geeky, nerdy and in other words: not interesting at all? The not-so-famous kids have to endure torture, insults, thinking that it is because their look that makes them deserve them to be treated as the low class of society. Not many of them able to erase the thought that well, yes I am ugly so it is only natural I will never get same treatment like other people. Well, they probably starting to get used to it and never began to ask, what did I do so wrong (in my previous life, perhaps) to deserve this... The sad thing if they also treated other people exactly the same... Like for example, well I maybe not pretty but I am smart... THose who is not smart is not as the same level as I am... So, why should I be nice to them? THe abuse become the natural things to do.

Just the same I think like the hazing tradition when we entered school. I hate that moment when I was a newbie. Nevertheless, I did that too when I joined the Student Organization. I joined merely for the fun to initiate new students as I see it as something natural. I have the same experience and you newbie, should have it too.

And about bribing, well... let us not go there too far.. SO many sensitive people nowadays, they will think I disgrace their organization and such and I probably will get sued. Just like this, when there is only one taxi with two passangers and there is a riot, the taxi driver probably just pick whoever call him first. But what if the second person offer a lot of money just in order to get into the taxi? Both parties know is wrong, but they do it anyway.... Feel that both of them receive benefit from the event.

My other friend then commented that we have to know the standard which one is wrong and which one is not....because nowadays people seems love to turn them upside down... Which is very interesting

I think most of you have read about a boy who have to go through a court because he (obviously has nothing to do and have ill-mannered....aha... me, jumping into conclusion again) .... I don't know how...put a bee that finally sting at his classmate. The parents of the girl who stung by the bee did not take this very well. Perhaps all the mediation did not meet a peaceful end they decided to escalate the matter by reporting this to the police and it lead to the court of justice. The kid is terrified of course. From what I read on newspaper, the judge seems wise enough. He said that he will return the boy to the parents as he has done wrong by hurting other people (the girl got fever and sick after got stung). He regretted that this matter could not be solved peacefully between parents with the teachers as mediators. And you know what? All the people cheer up when the boy did not get sentence to jail. They all said that the kid just being a kid. I suppose it was funny to see your friend's cheeks got swollen after got stung by a bee. They should feel so lucky that the girl is not having some kind of allergies that could result fatal and devastating to all. And this is all because, the kid is being just a kid. Kid is considered okay to behave like that. Naturally, because they still unable to separate which one is okay and the other way around. Soooo, perhaps we should ask the parents? I just hope they not advising the kid like this,"Look, we understand that you just being a kid. Next time when you want to stung your friend with a bee, make sure nobody catch you in the act..."
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