Another friendship talk

I once read that to keep a person as your friend you must do the following:
Respect him/her when he/she is around
Do not talk behind his/her back when he/she is not around
Be supportive when he/she need it...

But what if, something happen comes along the way, which makes you unable to do the above?

Like being honest. I know there are so many problems that we do not want others to know, no matter how close the friendship is. However, when something essential that will cause problems in the future...., then I think we should tell the truth.
But, then... how can we measure what things that we should tell, and what should not? Or what kind of things that we are allowed to know and not allowed to know...

I always wish that my friends tell me everything that has been going on with their life, as I feel that I always wish to share everything with them. Which as the time goes by, I realized that life is not that simple.

And how can we not talk about our own friend behind their back, when we suspect them cheated on us? ANd what is the best way to ask them to clear the things if everything is only a misunderstanding?

See, how complicated my mind is? :D
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