Appreciation of life

Sometimes, in our desperate hours, we keep on thinking that we are nobody…and what in the hell we are doing in this world? It was pointless and we starting to think that maybe we should have never been born… Sounds familiar?

I was reading this review about old movie : It’s A Wonderful Life. And the main story was sort of like the above feeling that I have been describing… But I do not want to drag us into the deepest dark hole of self pity and depression… Just like the movie, I think we should think that perhaps without we realized we did help other people or at least give something meaningful to them… Made them feel worthy and forgot about their sadness or problems, even if was only for a while.

Like for example, you saw the cleaning lady try hard to wipe the dirty floor…, you try not to make the floor even dirtier than ever… Or you walked into the house, saw your mother looks so tired…you decided to lend a hand…without saying a word… You might not noticed, but your mom will be smiling happily behind you. You said thank you to someone whose job is opening the door for you… Small things but made people feel appreciated and forgot about their shitty day for a while…

Maybe by learning to appreciate something small…we will all learn how to appreciate our life… that we are all precious and have the right to be here in this world…

Talking nonsense again?
2 Responses
  1. -Indah- Says:

    No.. it's not nonsense at all!

    I think you've learned the basic 'rule' of life ;)

    Btw, itu film siapa yang main?

  2. bridge Says:

    itu film jaman jebot banget... gue lupa siapa yg main... :D

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