Friendship and secrets

How big is your trust to those around you? How much will you open yourself in front of them? Will you tell them your deepest dark secret? Like your affair with someone else behind your spouse? Or you have kinky fantasy about your favorite actor? Or you hate your own friend and tell it to your other friend...? But, do we really need to be open almost about everything to our friends? Image hosted by To loosen up, not just a bit but too much? What the worst could come up if you do that?

At first, I think that having a friend..., means that we should sharing a bit about our life. That ‘s what so great having a friend, right? You could tell them your deepest secret and you know that they will keep it forever... But is it really like that? Do you honestly believe that your friendship could last forever? That he or she will not use your secret as a weapon to against you in the future? And have you once think that he or she will have a burden on their mind after you leash your secret to them and ask them to keep it to themselves?Image hosted by

My Mom is like that. She always talks almost about everything that she needs to get it off her chest. My Father does not like her behavior and thinking that is really unnecessary for the whole world to know what is on her mind. I could understand her need to have a heart to heart talk, but also agree with my dad that she should be a bit picky when it comes to talk about family secret. We would never know, whether this person could be trusted or not. Image hosted by

Me? I was sort of in between. I could not stop myself from talking about what is on my mind to my friend. What I am planning to do, what are my biggest dream and my goal in this life. I rarely could keep it as a secret for too long. My friends said that I am an open book. Not just because they could see me through my body language, but because I always love to talk about my activities. Maybe because I love myself too much? He...he...he...., I hope not. I suppose..., because having no siblings at home... it make my desire to have a long chat about everything with my friends is the most that I need in this world. Image hosted by

But later, having friends with different behaviour... I realize that people is not the same. They do not wish to open their entire secret to their friends. Because they once did something like that. And then, their friend turns become their enemy and use it to stab them in the back. Or their friend never meant to hurt them, but accidentally the secret was revealed to someone else who then goes all the way to every bloody person in this city. And believe it or not, there will be a moment when you wish you do not need to know your friend’s secret. You suddenly feel that you have unwanted burden in your chest. But you could not let them out because you have made a promise. And people starting to ask you about it, and you get really annoyed. You have this feeling that everyone accusing you as an accomplice to keep your friend’s secret while you know that what your friend are doing the wrong thing. Image hosted by

And another time when I hanging around with several friends of mine, I found that being too open is not always fun for others to listen about. You see, some of these women have this wild fantasy and obsession regarding this cute hanky panky actor. And they seems beyond reality that they force themselves to truly believe that the actor is for them only, that this guy has no flaw at all, he is so darn perfect. They spoken out loud about their wildest imagination and fantasy; which is fine ... But, what make me bored is that they seems could not speak about anything else but that. On that moment, I silently thanks God that I have never revealed my kinky fantasy about anyone. Yeah, I do have one. Just because I have never have intimate relationship make me not thinking about those stuffs. Anyway, I consider that it should be for myself. And nobody in this world should know about what is on my mind. Not even my friends. You will never know what they are going to think about you. And it could change the whole aspect of your friendship. Things will never be the same again. It could get you closer to them. Or you are successfully drove them away. We could always defends ourselves by saying, well it is my business. I like that. And is their problem if they do not like what I am thinking about. Sure. You are right. But then, just give yourself a thought. Your friends might not mind. But, do you really think is necessary to tell them all about your fantasy? It will get them bored... Image hosted by As you will be talking only about you, you, you and not listen to them at all...

Wohooo, I am talking too much... Anyway..., is okay to share secret with your friends. Secret is just one thing to spice your friendship. As long as you could hold yourself and not pour them all upon your friends... And remember to think that your friends might not want to know your secret and they do not wish to share theirs either. Image hosted by
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