I got you!!

A few years ago, at the very same date, a friend of mine manage to make a fool of me by her crazy short note. She said like this:
This maybe shock you… You and your partner are invited to my wedding day on this 29th February Hotel blah, blah, Room x at 07.00 P.M. until 09.00 PM

I was like…. WHAT! how could she not tell me about this? How could she do this to me? Still angry, I send her an sms, with capital letter and asked her why she keep it as a secret. She did not reply. Then, while still replying other letters, I started to think like this… oh, dear what day is it this 29… Is it on working day? She really know how to pick a lousy day to get married. Then I check the calender. Then I open my mouth in disbelieved. How could I be so stupid. There is no 29 on this February! SO, it was only a hoax. When I clarify this with her, she just replied shortly : GOTCHA!

I refused being tricked alone. So, I decided to send via sms that letter to my 2 friends, and my 3 colleagues in the office. My 2 friends spotted the strange date immediately. But my 3 colleagues falls for it so easily. They started to spread to other people. And did not dare to ask me. As, they know perfectly well I have no boyfriend or whatsoever… SO, how in the heck I suddenly announce that I want to get married?

You can imagine how furious they are when I finally told them that it was only a hoax… The lesson from this jokes, that we often forgot about something that look less important… THE DATES!!!!
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