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An online friend of mine sent a request letter to me and her other friends to check out on her photos. She said she just combine a few photos into one photo. It is about an old has that has just been renovated. Or something like that...

So, here I am trying to be more observant... I keep on looking at the photo containing several shots from my friend... Hmmm, I did not want to write only ...OH THIS IS VERY GOOD, and same things like that... So, I keep on staring and staring...and finally give up... I started to look on comments that have been posted by others... One comment attracted me as the commenter said: all the picture taken looked good... But where is the house? I can't see it clearly in the picture..."

Aha..., I looked back at the photo and there you go... All photos taken to show the environment surrounding the house... Such as the trees, the grass, the river ...but the house itself covered by trees we can't hardly look... If the title is not mentioning the house, then I guess we will not pay attention to the house, right? But it will just a beautiful picture with no story on it... I once took a picture of a band playing music on stage... I think the quality of the photo is okay... Well, according to me...at least... But to my friend, she asked what I want to share to others from the picture? There was no story to tell ...

Well, that hopefully will tell me that I need to look more rather than just see things... :)
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