Please don't stop the music:)

While you are working or studying, do you prefer doing that while listening to the music or you need a complete silent surrounding?

For me, it depends on the situation. SOmetimes, I really do need to listen to the music while I am in the middle of doing something with my work. That situation usually occur when I heard so many noises around me which will disturb me more comparing me listening to the music. Sometimes, there are several people sitting in the same desk, as they are in the middle of teleconference. You can imagine how noisy the sound of 10 people talking to each other, not to mention the line connection sometimes not so good. It means, they will have to raise their voice in order to be heard by people on the other line. That is the kind of sound that I really can't stand. Or hearing someone's high pitched voice talking near me... When all of that happen, I grab the IPOD and started to listen to any kind of music. Often, when I am drowning with the job, I hardly listen to the songs. So, for example, there is ten songs on the lsit. The only song I heard in the beginning is the first three on the list. THe rest, I did not pay any attention, and when I am back listening to the music , the song played already the last one on the list.

When I am still a student, my Mom often complained about me listening to the music while I was cramming for the exams. SHe wondered, which of those things that will be memorized by my brain. Whether the songs or the lesson? And she guessed correctly. In the end of the cramming season, I could memorize the lyric of the songs instead of the book that I should have been studying... Hehehehehehe

That is still happenning when I am reading a book. Eventually, I am paying more attention to the songs instead of the book that I have been reading. So, usually I choose instrumental music or Korean songs since I hardly know the language. That way, I can concentrate to what I am reading and also listening to the melody.

Of course, when there is a problem with the job (as there is no way you are facing a straight through processing all the time, right?) , I plug off the IPOD and give attention more to the job. In fact, at the time like that, a little sound from a ring tone of a cell phone could irritated me. I hate being disturbed at that time, as I need a few second of quiet moment to focus. But, not like some people, I do not came to my colleague's desk and turn off his or her cell phone when it is ringing endlessly. Usually, I just sighed in desperation.

So, let us plug in those music player and listen to all your fav tunes... just as long as you are sure that it will not disturb your work :) Music is one of many things that could help you relax and have fun...

Like RIhanna said... Please don't stop the music....
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