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What kind of gift that you like to receive on your birthday?Image hosted by Or just any day... Image hosted by

What thing that first comes into your mind? Why do I even bringing up this subject? Honestly, when my friends gave me books, CD, or Diary... I would be very happy. Especially with those made self created CD by my friends. It means that they took extra times to record the song into the CD, so it felt rather special. Okay, I know it is against the law to recorded things from the original version. It is included as a piracy. But, the point is, the gift has more value because your friends spending more time to make it. Not just go to the store and buy it and get it wrap to be given to us. But even that could be tricky. The same thing, when you wish to give your friends a new novel. Image hosted by

Why? Well, let us face it... Gift is not just a thing that you are obliged to give to your friends or families on their birthday. I consider it as an act of love and care. Because, you will hope that your friends and families like the gifts. And for that, you will need to know at least about their hobbies and things that they like to keep. If you are really not that close to the person, then your gift will be such a waste. Oops, that is a bit harsh... But come on... Admit that... If only in Indonesia we could return the unwanted things that people gave to us... we would do that too... Image hosted by

When I was about to give my friends a present, I really confused. I was torn in between ... should I ask them whether they already have this book? Or just acting stupid and buy the new book on the store and send it to them as a gift. But that would be a waste, don't you think? Most of my friends are book lovers and like to buy as many books as they could. In the end, I tried a stupid tactic asking them whether they have already read the book or not. Not a good strategy, because I have not got the crucial information. They have not read the book..., because they are too busy or they actually do not have the book. Finally, I forced myself to ask them and when they said they do not have the book, I went straight to get it for them. It is really embarrassing. And of course, I have to know..., do they like to read this kind of books? Do they love to listen to this jazzy tunes? See? If you do not know your friend really well, then you will not have any idea on what the things you could give to them!Image hosted by

And what about me? At first, I hate it when a person gave me things that I do not like. Things such as desk ornament or other girlie stuffs. What I mean by girlie stuffs, things like pin for your hair, or pinky pillow... those sort of things. But later on, since I have never thought to buy those things by myself, usually I found them very handy... I suppose, we have to open our mind a bit when it comes to presents that we do not like.Image hosted by

Last but not least, my Mother gave me list about gifts that not allowed to be given to other people. Scarf, handkerchiefs and scissors (this last thing..., who in the world would give their acquaintances a scissors ?) It is sort of superstitious... My Mom said, that scarf and handkerchief usually being used to wave at other people upon departure moment. So, when giving those things to your friends, is just the same as you are saying goodbye to your friend as an ending to your friendship. Of course, I have never believed such a thing. But, when my friendship becoming sour with a friend of mine after I gave her a nice scarf... I was forced to believe that superstitious turn out to be true. The same thing goes with scissors. Scissors are used to cut things off, and by giving them as a gift... means you wish to cut off your relationship with that person... Image hosted by

Hmm..., interesting... Don't you think? Maybe I should use a guideline from horoscope to know what kind of gifts that should I get to a friend of mine??? Can anybody help me out?Image hosted by
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