The question is....

Asian people has the way to ask question. They will beat around the bush, strolling the street if they have to before finally jumping into the main question.

I received a phone call from our family acquaintance. At first I thought she wish to speak with my Mom. But she was not and here were the conversation:

Her : Hey, why are you still at home at this hour?

Me : Is Saturday, sis… Our office is closed on Saturday

Her : Really? And what is the name of your office exactly…?

Me : The XXXX company

Her : Oh, yeaah, yeah. I kinda forgot the name…. Errrr, and where is the main office?

Me : Oh, the main office is on the JJJJJJJJJ street… (wondering where these question going to lead me to)

Her : Well, you see (ahahhh… here comes the real jackpot) … my son got this telephone saying that he has to go to this interview in XXXX company ….

Me : U-huh… (thanks God… I thought she need my help to get her son a job in the office… Why they always think that I a somebody in that office? So humiliating)

Her : And since we are not sure about the address…

Me : To which floor he has to go to? (I just want to be sure)

Her : to the 16th floor

Me : Oh, yes that’s right. That is where the HR department located…

Her : I see… Err, you would not be happened to know about this interview call to my son?

Me : Pardon (is that the main question?)?

Her : Well, since you are working there, I suppose you would know about this interview to my son…

Me : (Dear God…. It is even worse than I thought it would be)… Sis, you do realize that I am not the owner of the company…

Her : (Laughing sheepishly) Well, yes I know that dear… But, I thought you would know….

(And then she babbling about her son has been sending application, blah, blah, blah…. My mind has wondered to somewhere else)

Her : So, you really do not know?

Me : There are hundreds employees there including me and sadly I am not working at the HR department so…. Nope… is a negative confirmation… I would not know about it… Okay, so you wanna talk with my Mom…?

And that's the end of the conversation. I thought she want to ask for direction, it turn out she was not. I thought she wish to help her son to get a job, thanks God she was not… And all she need to know whether I know about the interview… which of course… how in the heck am I suppose to know??? I considered that as the most ridiculous conversation, but my Mom said that it was just her way to have a chit chat…

I guess I am too stiff lately…
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