Reques for help

What kind of type are you if you are in desperate need for help? Do you wish people just know that you are in need and the help was given without your request? Or perhaps, you decided that you are the one who need help then you should spoke the request to other people…

Once I heard someone talk about how he hates his friends and families because nobody gives him the help that he need… But when other people commented about how cruel his families and friends for not giving him the help that he requested, he then said…. well, he did not ask… And he added that they should know his condition because he was sick and need a lot of money, blah, blah, blah….

Hmmm, I do not agree with that…. I consider myself always holding back when I need help from others, but I think I can decide which condition that I can fix by myself and which one that need to be helped by others. And to get that help, I would not hesitate to ask. Just like the situation when both of my parents got sick. There is no way I could just stay silent and hoping others will lend their hand after seeing my condition. Of course without me asking, they do realize that I need that help. But, I think a request should be spoken to them. I do not want to be a kind of person who later on said that I never asked for that help and who ask you to help me out? I think that would be rude and ungrateful.

So, if you need my help, then you should say it…. I am not a mind reader and I need you to speak to me out loud…. I am not going to remind you in the future that without me, you can not go on living because I am just a person who happens to be right by your side when you need me… I can’t help people who do not want to be helped…
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