simply nice

Yesterday I went to the mall to meet my friends. As always, we prefer to sit around at Starbuck. Unfortunately, Starbuck always fully loaded with people on weekends. But, since I have no idea where I can find a place to sit and have quiet moments with my writings… I went anyway and queuing for my coffee. While queuing I looked around the place, hoping to find an empty table. There were three, but two already occupied. I starting to feel agitated and wondering, what should I do if I do not get the last empty table?

Then my eyes met up with the security’s guard. I like the security guard here at the Starbuck at Plaza Indonesia. He always polite and never forgot to smile when addressing the visitors. I know, he is probably just doing his responsibility. But still, it was nice at least for me to be addressed nicely. So, I always smile back and greeted him back. I have known this someone for years. She never looks at us in the eye and considered as her doormat. I remembered that whenever I nearly bumped into her, I would go to another direction in order to avoid opening door for her… Sorry, that was not my job.

Anyway, that evening he saw me and came up while I was still queuing. He offered that empty table for me and asked politely for my bag. So, I gave it to him to be placed at the chair and he sort of guards it until I finally able to sit in.

I maybe overreacting but if that security being nice to me because I simply treated him like a human being…well… then it is right… You will never loose anything to be nice to someone else...
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