Smile :)

Why do you always smile in all of your photos? That was the question that my late Grandma asked me one.

There are tonz of answer to that one simple question. Maybe because I am just a coquettish person. Or like to show everybody how yellow my teeth are (hehehehehe). Or because I just know that with smiling, I will look good in that photo (certainly not look younger, I have already known that) or maybe because I just simply being happy at that time.

Most of the time, I hardly smile. Asked all my colleagues and especially my Mom. She always remind me when she saw me put a sullen face. She said I look ten times older. Or suddenly I heard my colleague said, Wow, what is it? You look so serious during these past few hours. I do not know why, but I just did. Maybe I feel there is nothing was wrong, or whatever, but my face gave it all away. Why did I do that? I have no idea myself. Perhaps I just being bored or fed up with the situation but can not express it very well, so it is all shown in my face. Which, I think that look are all over on everybody's faces. Perhaps the look is a result from being cautious, depressed, alert, careful and lots of other reason.

Try to smile on someone that you are accidentally step on or push. Most of them will probably smiled back politely, forget their first intention to be angry. Or smile to your colleagues at work. They probably surprised, but naturally they will smiled back again. Smiling is actually contagious. And it will bring you good feelings too. The reason you feel want to smile, because you feel good about something. You feel happy. And you can share that happiness by just simply smile to others. Of course, I do not recommend you to smile on everyone or perhaps smile excessively to your boss or someone else's wife/husband. But just try relaxing your face. Trust me. It is not easy. I once try to look at my face every five minutes in the mirror and wow! They always looks so stress out!

Anyway, this is just a small talk. A suggestion to you and of course to me as I have not been doing any smile lately. But let us try it. It make us look prettier, softer and happier. It will boost your spirit when you feel that there is nothing to be smiled about in this world
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