So busy, are you?

A friend of mine wrote in her status that she is wondering if FB and BB were demolished, then perhaps during the hangouts, people would not be so busy with their BB and chat a lot more...


And experience remind me of her status.

When my friend and several women were about to go to the first floor from under ground, we were sort of stuck. In front of us there is a woman who use the stairs very slowly. I was wondering whether she is sick or anything. But then I saw her clothes. She wear that typical clothes a pregnant woman would wear. Oh, I think silently, well perhaps she could not walking very fast due to her pregnancy. None of us were complaining. We were unable to walk by pass her because there were a lot of people using the stairs to the opposite direction, to go to the under ground.

Then after there were no more people from the opposite direction, we started to walk by passing her... I saw two women in front of me looking at the pregnant woman then their face turn to surprise. I was curious so I asked my friend to go faster... I also take a peek at that pregnant woman to see what was the thing that surprise the other two before me... Then I saw the REAL REASON why she walked so DAMN SLOWLY... She was not busy taking care herself by walking slowly due to her pregnancy. Instead she was busy TEXTING world's knows who on her BLACKBERRY...


Really inconsiderate and what on earth were you thinking? Many people fall from the stairs because they were too glued to their cellphones... And now, with the baby on the way... you put yourself in danger because you can not wait to text on someone? Or perhaps checking your friend's status on FB? AND KEEP OTHER PEOPLE WAITING BEHIND YOU????

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