Thanks and prayers

Out of the blue, I just remember that most of the time, I pray only for my family and me. I hardly ever pray for everyone else.
So, right now… I think I want to make a list to all the people that help me for what I am right now…

To all my teachers starting from Kindergarten School to my counselor in the university. You guys help me out to pass my youth days by studying and studying… He…he…he…, maybe my Mom should be saying this prayer because I once think that this studying things will never gonna end… I hope you all are blessed with good health always… May all the bad things been driven away from you. To those who has passed away, may your soul rest in peace.

To all the people who I have never got a chance to thanks them in person for their help:
To the taxi driver who helped to drive me and my mom to the hospital after we got a car accident and of course to all the people who helped us to get out from the vehicle at that time…
To someone who is kind enough returning our wallet along with the money in it
To someone who let our family know that we got a car accident.
To all the people who offer my mom and me a sit at the public transportation.
To someone who is kind enough to show us the right way when we got lost…
And to so many others…
To all the doctors, nurses and any people in the hospitals that have been understanding and helping to us when my parents were a patients there

I can only pray that may you received many kindnesses in your life and be blessed always
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