Thought of the day

People often said to us do not spoil your children otherwise they are going to grow up be a brat someday…

I think that advice will apply to people at all age.

Well, this is just a thought… Like, for example, you over praised on someone else…let us say your boss … You always say yes to whatever he or she said to you… You treated him or her like a powerful god… Perhaps, soon or later he or she will enjoy being treated like that and their attitude will change?

Or is it all back to the person? Whether he or she is the type who is humble and does not appreciate being over praised or being kissed up by others… Some, totally enjoy it and make the most of it… Thinking, well I am a star and people should treat me like one… Or if people treat me like a star then I will treat them unequally…

Again, this is just a thought of the day ;)
2 Responses
  1. -Indah- Says:

    Hahaha.. tergantung cara dia dibesarkan juga kali yaa :D

  2. bridge Says:

    that's possible :)

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