too comfortable?

I wish I can be like my friends who are able to sleep once they hit something soft ....

Me? No matter how tired I am, if it is not my own bed in my room or any other room in the house that I used to live in for almost 35 years... then my eyes would be opened so wide...

If I have to stay in a hotel, I could not sleep on the first night... Eventually I have to take sleeping pill on the second night... Imagine that!

Surprising that I always easily sleep during my journey to and from the office on the bus.. and wake up easily once I arrive on the destination.

I can not imagine what would I do if I have to spend a month in a foreign country , alone, staying in a room, alone... I think I will be a sleeping pills junkie...

Not going to be a very good backpacker traveler, am I?

Wondering is it because I can not handle changing situation? That I can only be relax in a place that I am familiar with? Like at home? or in the bus? Not because is comfy on the bus, because I already getting used to the situation.

Kinda scarry sometimes... What if I can not handle a changing situation? Is it true that we prefer to be in the situation that we have known even not a good one...because we are too afraid to look for a solution in an unknown situation?

Do I talk nonsense again?
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