Weak or not really?

My Mom always get the things that she wanted with cheaper prize!
The key was, she said to me, is to pretend that you did not the stuff. And when you decided to walk away, you must really, really stay away. Because there is always a possibility that the merchant will not call you back. If so, then forget about the stuff!

Well, all these times people always considered that woman is one of the weakest creatures on earth. How very wrong. Women, young or old, know how to use their weakness to get what they want and they do have that big power to stand up for themselves. Let us take a look.

Mother, is the one who woke up first in the very beginning of a new day. Not only she has to wake up the other lazy member of the family, she has to prepare breakfast for all of them. After that, she has to go the market to get everything that was needed for her family. It take a strong will to get up early in the morning

We often pretend not to look when we saw pregnant woman standing in the bus. There were too many excuses. We were too tired. Too sleepy. Too dizzy. Well, imagining them. They have to carry that load for nine months. And the process to deliver the so-called next generation was a process of between life and death.

When you are struggling to get on the crowded bus, you felt something nudge your belly. And you thought before she was a youngster because she is still have the strength to throw you away. You angrily take a look, and then there she is. Elder woman; and she is as old as your mom.

In the party; you are standing nicely on the queue to get a desert. Then from out of nowhere, this old lady sliding in front of you. You feel you must behave, so you kept silent. It turn out she called her 6 children to get in the queue. Would you smack her? Could not do so, huh?

Competitive. Do not believe me? Go to Bread Talk outlet. Then you will see what I meant. Everytime the worker bring new bread from the heaven, they will rush together to grab as many bread they could have. Then, they will compare to each other about how many breads in their possession. Move aside youngsters!

Bargaining. Oh, they are the best. Why? Because they have to make sure, that the money is sufficient enough to be spent for the family. So, if you could get the cheapest things with good quality, why in the heck not bargain?

Still, want to say that woman is a weak creature?
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