Air Con addiction...

I know with this global warming issue and all, we are encouraged to reduce our use on electricity...

Easier said than done... I noticed that my Mom, has becoming more dependable on air con in her room. 3 years ago, I could still set up the air con with timer... So, usually after 1 AM or 2 AM, the air con will stop as our rooms were cold already.... Then, she complained saying she woke up sweating .... Since that time, we never turn off the air con for hours... The only time we turn it off when nobody is inside the room.

It reminded me ... around year 2001 or 2002, my friend who recently got married and expecting child, giving me lectures about how raising healthy kids. One of her lectures was about how fragile children nowadays as they are too pampered by their parents. According to her, children should not getting used to live with air con in the room.
"It is unhealthy because the air circulation will not be good considering the room will be closed all the time... ," she said. I just nodded. Pretending that I absorb this information.

Then finally her baby girl was born and I brought gifts to her baby girl to her house. To my surprise, the room for her baby IS using AIR CON!

When she saw my grinning face, she sighed and said,"Did you remember all the things that I say to you about how baby should not be sleeping in the room with air con?"

I nodded. Smiling. This was going to be good.

"Well, " she continued ."FORGET everything that I have ever teach you... We have tried that for few weeks.... She keep on crying .... None of us could get enough sleep..."

Right.... I forced myself to restrain the evil smile plastered on my face. Instead, I put concern face.

"The only time she stop crying when we take her outside the room into the living room...," she pointed the wider and broader living room, where obviously air circulation is better and much fresher... The air feel cooler in there... "Obviously we can not sleeping in the living room everyday! So..., well... as you can see... "

Okay... Friends, noted that was in the year 2002....

Then, around 20030- 2004, my niece was born... Pretty much the same with my friend's baby.... she could only sleep in the room with air con. Which was not a problem because her parents already set that up before she was born. The problem arise when all of us went to a part of East Java to my Aunt's house. We were going to spend our Christmas holiday, big family gathering. My uncle and aunt never have air con in their house though the weather is so hot and humid. To solve the matter, my cousin buy a big electric fan to be put in the room so her baby would at least feel comfortable... The result, the baby did sleep all night through and wake up smiling happily. Unfortunately for us, her mother and her aunts were all feeling sick because of the electric fan blowing hard on our bodies all night long...

So now, we were advised to reduce the use of air con? How could we??? When the weather is terribly hot ever since year 2001?
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