Appreciate others

I do not like cooking. I like to watch people preparing meals starts from buying the ingredients up to the process it self. But to do it by myself…, can’t really imagine myself standing in the kitchen preparing meals to be served. Perhaps because I often watched in dismay on someone who has been preparing meals all day and still receive respond like : You miss this ingredients. I do not like this, the fish is not fresh. I am not going to eat this, it feels terrible.

I think, cooking is also a working process. A work that being done either because that person have to or driven by the passion. For example, you love cooking. You are passionate about it. Starting from just being a hobby, then escalate to a grown business. But once in a while, when you have a noisy customer try to tell you what to do…, don’t tell me that you did not feel the breakdown. You have been trying to do your best, for your own sake and others. But there are always people who do not appreciate you. But being the owner of a company, you probably going to put that feeling aside as quickly as you can. The customer will always complain, is their birth’s right. Not everyone has a gift to make other people feel appreciated.

We are like that customer. We complain all the times. There is always something wrong. It is never enough. We feel, hey we give you the money like you asked. Then in return, gives me something that I want. You do not care about the process. You do not want to know about the people behind the process. You do not appreciate the thing that you buy because simply, you just do not have the heart to understand the passion behind it.

Why is it hard for us to appreciate one another?

(So, in the end… do I talk about how much I hate to cook or about not being appreciated???? *confuse*)
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