Between internet and reality

A few nights ago a friend of mine said that she wants to decrease her activities on the net.
"I have been spending too much time with this media... My life has been nothing else but to do with this..."

Though I was sort of...what...? Nooo... Don't leave me here...I can understand why she makes that decision. I suppose she wants to spend more time with real people around her, such as her family. At least for this moment, she does not close her accounts on FB for example.

I sometimes think that if you have reached to the drastic decision like closing all your accounts on the net, it because probably the addiction or temptation is too great for the person to handle. Like u try to reduce eating chocolate once a day. But there are 5 chocolates in your fridge. Can u promise yourself not going to eat them all at once or you just give in and finish them all in a few minutes? Since you are not sure, you better not have it more than one in your fridge.

I have never been in a situation of addiction to the internet or game too long. I get bored easily. And my internet connection is a disaster. Plus, I am too busy in the office to lurking around the net. Not too sound like I am work-addict...but that's the reality. Which is why I do wonder why a married couple can sit together, but not talking to each other. Both of them glued to their notebook or any other devices.

For me, internet open a lot of new things for me. I have new friends, know about online diary, and find many interesting information and...some u-should-not know about;) so, for now I do not think I can stop myself totally from internet. Though I agree I should not be addicted to it ...

We forget the real people around us that probably miss talking with us. Instead we are too busy with people living so far away... Probably because we do not know each other, we are able to open our heart and mind. However, we close them to people that we have known for years...

Hopefully we can balance our understanding and communication for people around us and those in the virtual environment:)
And friends, pppllllllease do not leave me here on the net... I like having you here though you are not really here with me.
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Hahahaa.. buat orang yang belon pernah kecanduan online sampai tingkat parah itu ngga ngerti betapa terbebasnya perasaan ketika bisa menghindari fb and ngga lagi tergantung ama game2 yang menyita waktu ituu, hihihi :D

  2. bridge Says:

    iyalah... Yang ada malah bingung... kok bisa sih bosen? bukannya asik... Tapi FYI, Korsel sekarang lagi gencar memerangi internet addiction penduduknya... Soalnya udah kronis... Ada yg anaknya smp mati kelaparan sementara ortunya di warnet, membesarkan anak virtual. Ada yg bunuh ibunya hanya gara2 ditegor kok main internet melulu...

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