Don't postpone..., do it now please

Never postpone whatever things that you want to do... Seriously...

Perhaps all of us still remember how we used to cram every time the examination period ... You try to memorize all the lessons that you have been studying the whole year with no success at all... Your brain feels like it was going to explode... But then again, we loves doing that every time we have to face examination time... It's our thing... Why study now when you can do that later? I think knowing that bad behavior , during my time in high school our teachers loves giving us quizzes. For a day, we could have three up to five quizzes... Most of us screaming for help because how in the heck you could study all of that in one day? (though actually we have the whole week.... but who would wanted to spend their Sunday to study and memorize the lesson, little by little?) One of our classmates sarcastically said that is okay to have more than one quizz considering we have paid tuition to the school... If the teacher did not give us quizz, will be our lost instead of them. Right....

Another reason why people postpone the thing they wish to do, probably because they still hesitate. I have seen my parents and other member of the families, unable to decide the departure date in order for them to buy the airline ticket. Nowadays, where the airline tickets fare can change drastically in just one day... and they still unable to make up their mind on what date they should be going. Errr, should I go on that date or this date? What? I have to decide now? But it is still a week away? What if something happen and I can't go? Oh dear... Then don't complain if the ticket suddenly change its price or just go there to the airport and purchase it on the spot... They will give you the highest price ever considering that it must have been urgent that you need to leave today.

In other words, even if the due time still far away ahead, if you can finish it by today then why the heck not? Yeah, it is easier say than done. I know. I am one of them...who like to pending whatever I can do by this moment... Hopefully, I will learn how to manage my time and stop postpone all the things I should have been doing now...

Hmmmm, maybe I should set up a to-do list starting....from NOW!
4 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Ahahaha.. sebenernya depends juga, Neng.. kalo soal "amarah", lebih baik menundanya selama mungkin, dibanding melampiaskannya right away, don't you think? ;)

  2. Indah Says:

    Hahaha.. ini sebenernya tergantung dalam konteks apaan sih, Neng.. kalo soal 'marah' maka ada baiknya elo menundanya selamaa mungkin ;)

  3. Indah Says:

    Lho? Dobel yaa? Hahahaa.. maappp.. soalnya tadi sempet error :p

  4. bridge Says:

    lebih banyak soal duty sih... kerja'an, atau untuk anak sekolah... belajar...

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