The Freedom Of mind, will and act

Today, as per the old tradition, Indonesian celebrate Kartini's day. She considered as hero for women to have equal rights in life.

I am not going to debate whether she is the right person to be called women's hero for equal rights. But...just wants to give my humble opinion...
That in the world who has aged thousand of years...people still feel they have the right to tell what a woman should do.

Oh, I am not talking about men. But also from a woman's side. I hardly heard a man criticized another man about how he should dress up, whether he has the right to be lazy brat at home doing nothing, or should he also be responsible to take care of the children...
Women like to bickering about how other women dress up, stay single, married without kids, or how to educate their children, etc, etc, etc... How can we move forward if we are busy debating about what we can or can not do....?

What really women wants? Just let us have a freedom to think and act for our self. Whether we are going to be married and be a devoted housewife, or to stay single, or to work to support the family, or to work to fulfill her passion, or to get stoned or to get drunk...

That's the equal rights that we want!

Our life is belongs to us and it is up to us how we are going to spend it...!

Is that too much to ask?
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