Getting used to it

My friends and I often exchange story about people around us… Those who are so unbelievable bully, ass-kisser, back stabber, in short evil in the body of a human being.

I just realized recently, that whenever they talked about someone who is juvenile or vindictive…I will cut them short by saying…,”Oh I know a lot of people who like that…” As if I was going to say them,” Pleaseee…, you only have to deal with one person and already you can’t stand it?”

Then recently it hit me, why was I behaving like that?

Is it because I constantly receiving all bad treatments from people around me so I expect that is something natural thing in this life? That is a common thing happens to all of people as part of a journey to the adult life? Then if others complain about these kind of abusive people we just dismissed this as if no big deal or whatsoever?

It is a sad fact in life that sometimes we have to endure all the worst treatment just to hang on to something that we need. We just feel that is a price we have to pay to keep on receiving the things that we need. As the time goes by, we feel is a common things to do…and there is nothing so strange about it. No need to fuss about. We still do not like it, but there is nothing we can do…

Should we allow that abusive and juvenile behavior affecting us? Will it change our perspective in life? Are we going to change become the same person like people who bully us day after day for years? Or we will take action and do something about it?
2 Responses
  1. -Indah- Says:

    Makanya perlu untuk mengelilingi diri dengan orang2 yang memperlakukan kita dengan baik yaa :)

  2. bridge Says:

    iya, kalau gak kita bakal mikir... oh, emang udah sewajarnya kita diperlakukan seperti itu

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