I am not senile, am I?

Have you ever once pretty sure that you have placed this book somewhere on your desk, but then when you try to find it, the book was no longer there… And then, after an hour or so, the book sort of suddenly there…again… As if the book was in somewhere else for a while. Perhaps to get a drink or something then it return to the previous place.

I once watched this comedy serie, about ghosts… One of the ghost loves hiding things and then return it again … “I love drive human crazy… One minute it was there, next minute already gone… then later it was there… again…”

Well, I am not going to talk about ghost or anything… I think I have discussed about this before… Is about why we are being so forgetful!

I am sure most of us have this experience of a total blackout on something… Like a few hours ago, you just put this book somewhere in the house… You just have no idea where exactly. You remember arriving at home, take the book out from your bag… and after that… whoosh… you are absolutely unable to remember anything…

I have experiences…, which was always happens when I was about to have my Christmas leave from this office… The night before, I have made sure that nothing was left behind in the office. Considering that I was not going to visit office for two weeks. Then in the morning, I realized I forgot something. It was my wallet for the first time. Naturally I was panicked. I called all credit card issuers to block my credit cards. I called the bank report about the loosing atm. I even traced back to places where I have been the previous night… Nothing… Then, after arriving at home exhausted … I opened my drawer to look for a pen, and there …lying the wallet that I have been looking like crazy. That was one.

The second one, I was pretty sure that last night I have taken the charger out of my bag. I put it in my desk along with other things… Yeah, I know I am a messy person… Anyway, you can imagine how confuse I was to find that the charger has gone missing… I search everywhere… I took other things up as the charger might hidden under it… But nada. Nothing. Again, I tried to traced back places that I have been before… even considering to call the taxi’s company to ask them did I leave a charger on their cab last night? And that after giving up and decided to get a new one, I look again in the desk… and it was there… I am sure it was there all the time, but why oh why it has to gone missing and drive me like crazy for a few hours?

Is this the sign that we are going to be senile in the early age…?

Geez… , I hope not…
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Hahahaha.. gua juga suka kelupaan tuh naruh barang di mana, hihihi..

    Kemaren aja abis ngambil minum terus keseling ama melakukan hal lain terus gua nyari2 di mana gua naruh tuh gelas :p

  2. bridge Says:

    buset, terus akhirnya itu gelas ada dimana?

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