knowing or not knowing...

When my Mom first admitted to the hospital due to her diabetic, she was referred to an internist in the same hospital.

At first, we do not like her doctor. He seems a very uptight person. And whenever we asked him, he does not have enough patience to answer them. We were wondering should we have another internist…but in the end we decided to stick with him.

After a year being his patient, his attitude toward my Mom has changed drastically. He paid more attention to her complains, he asked about her progress, he even watched her weight scale… In short, he was totally different from the first we saw him. He became my Mother’s favorite doctor because he always cares for her.

I remember the old phrase, I do not know you therefore I can’t love you.

It is hard for us to care for someone that we do not know about… We keep on saying that…
“Well, I do not know that person… How can I care for him or her if I have no knowledge about that person?”

It would be worse if that person is not talkative and more the keep it to yourself kind of person. We will feel that this person is not open up to others…so how could you I understand them better? How can you develop any feelings?

Of course, naturally the above questions and statements does not apply to us who adore movie stars or other public figures.

Do we know them personally? Noooo
Do they know us personally? Noooo
We only know that they are gorgeous, sincere (or so it seems), kind (so appear) and super talented…

Kinda a contradiction…, right? ^_______^
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Waahh.. syukurlah in the end tuh dokter berubah yaa!

    Btw, kenapa waktu itu elo mutusin buat ngga ganti dokter?

  2. bridge Says:

    karena pikir2 recordnya semua ada sama dokter itu... dia yg tanganin dari awal... Jadi males deh pindah2... Untung setelah lama kenal, dia jadi baik sama Nyokap

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