Let the skeleton out of the closet

There are so many reality shows on local tv nowadays. One that really captivated my family is this hypnotizes show… The show is about a presenter who has the ability to hypnotize other people. He with his crew will stroll around the mall and asking people whether they agreed to be hypnotized. Naturally they will share all their deepest secrets. After being waken up from the hypnotized state, the presenter shown whatever happened during the time that person was hypnotized. If they feel that they did not want it to be shared with other people on TV, then the presenter would not air it. But if they feel fine with it, then they have to sign a legal paper, stated that they are agree that whatever they were saying will be shown on tv.

I wasn’t following all of the episodes of the shows, but here were summaries of the few episodes which my parents watching:

About a teenager girl who despise her mother because she thinks her mother is totally ugly. She always saying to her friends that it is not her mom instead is her maid. She always sure she is being adopted kid. (When I asked my cousin who also watched the show, is the teenager girl drop dead gorgeous? The answer is : NO)

About a young girl who actually does not love the guy he is currently dating now. She said she only wants to date him because this-so-called-ugly guy is giving her money all the time. But the truth is, she despise him. Naturally after the show, the guy said he will break off with this girl and the girl, in spite all the things she has said during being hypnotized… try to sooth him and saying she loves him a lot.. (LOL)

About a teenage girl who has two boyfriends… She said she could not make up her mind… She said she loves the other one because he is handsome. But he has no money. The other person is ugly but has a lot of money… The one that with her during the hypnotized process is of course the ugly one. The guy is so furious, he break up with her on the spot. And the girl keep on denying to whatever she said…

Now, my questions are:

Are those events are real? I mean, are they really randomly pick out of nowhere?
If they are really real people, why they have no shame at all? Or perhaps they wants to say it out loud whatever they are hiding but have no courage and use this opportunity to spill it all
Why we love to watch it? (including me… Did I find it funny to see other people misfortune?)
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