living the life

When we are young we are so eager to be a grown up soon. We feel that being young; we are not allowed to a lot of things. We can not do this and that because we are underage. We want to be like our Mom (without realizing it)…and wish to try on her make up equipments….so we look mature, older like her, looking graceful, but of course we could not… We could not get our driver license because we are still underage. We could not have an ID Card and satisfied enough with Student card. Heck, in my younger days we could not see just any movie if we are still children. We could not wait to be older soon. Me? I remember I would want to grow older because I was jealous looking at other children go to school. I suppose being the only child stuck at home; I really want out to have the chance hang out with other kid…

Then, when we are finally OLDER…we try anything to make us look way younger than we are now. We takes on any medications, or do sports, or learn how to use make up that can help us look 20 something ^___^, we use night cream, day cream, noon cream, whatever cream to be plastered on our face…

Perhaps when we can not do almost about everything, we are dying to have the authority to be able do anything that we like. But when we finally have the authority and knowledge, we feel that is such a burden we wish we could have that moment when we can not do anything, or know far too much… Not to mention the responsibility for every decision that we make, as an adult.

But, that’s life ^___^ Would you want to be young forever? Well, okay… wrong question… Probably some would say yes… Again, it’s the circle of life… If you are still young, then do not rush yourself into the adult world, not unless you have to due some circumstances. And when you finally reach there, do not bother to look back and thinking…oh I wish I could go back… It will not give you anything… Just live the life… and enjoy it to the fullest.
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