Well, this is another topic about what most Indonesian really like to. Getting a massage. And plus coin massage (if you have no idea what a coin massage is, you may look at : coin massage) This process will require an experience person with a coin. Preferable an old coin which is heavier than the new coins. The next process the masseur will rub your body with that coin. Yup, believe me. For people who love it, they feel that every rub will help them to drive the pain away from their body. For me, just one rub is equal with me being sliced with a sharp knife. The second rub with the coin, is equal with another slice in the exact same place as before. And the next one, and the next one.

When I was a kid, I used to get sick a lot. Someone recommended this masseur to my Mom, so every weekend we went to her house. I totally hate it. Whenever weekend comes I became nervous because it means we have to go the masseur's house for treatment. And to be honest, I did not feel the joy come out of it. All I can remember is the pain whenever the masseur give my body a massage. If other people feel the refreshment after getting the massage, I feel like have been hit by someone.

And to add the torment, the masseur feel that I need to have a massage coin as well…! That is how I am able to describe the pain that I felt during the process… If foreign people saw the red and blue lines all over my back, they would have probably thought I have been abused by my parents

The thing is, I suppose because ever since I have the treatment ever since I was a kid…and it was meant to heal and not for fun, I never really enjoyed being massaged… Though I have to admit, after that torturing process, I hardly fall sick for a long time and I finally able going on a ride without having nausea. All my friends, considering me as a good masseur… Believe it or not… But to have it for myself, I would rather say no… Even when I went to beauty parlor, and get a hair spa or something…. After the masseur gives my head a massage, I will certainly have a headache after the process…

So, friends… please do not take me to go to a holiday for getaway spa, whatever spa… because I hate being massaged! And definitely no way to coin massage!
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