Movie mania

What drive people to watch a movie?

I once asked my colleague to go with me to see a movie in a theatre. And she declined it by simply answering,” I do not like to spend my time sitting around in the darkness for hours… I would rather strolling the mall or have a chat with friends”

Yikes… Do we really waste our time by sitting in the darkness watching a movie?

I then make this list to see from myself, what are the things that drive me to go to watch movie:

Remembering good old days
Whenever my Dad was home from his works, he always takes me and my Mom to see the movie… I think watching movie is in our genes. Both of my parents love seeing movies when they were dating, and it is no surprise they also taking me along … So, watching movies is like remembering the old times ^_______^

Like the story
Usually I try to find out the plot from newspaper or now from the internet. If the story is interesting, it will intrigue me to see it for myself. Especially when is based on true story.

Hang out with friends.
Nothing is more fun than watching movies together with your friends and talk about it afterwards. Whether the story is good, sad, touching, thrilling, scary… We love discuss about it and have a great time on it

Eye candy
When there is nothing good come out from that movie, well at least we can enjoy ourselves by watching good looking faces on screen

The acting
Seeing other people portraying someone else’s on screen is always fascinating, well at least for me

That is fun, even thought only for making a list… So, now I am going to see a movie again…. With all the above reasons

See ya!
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