Pinch it hard!!!

From the previous posting, I suddenly remember about this information which I received few years ago.

First of all, let us talk about relationship between customer service staffs and The Customer.

Customer is always right and therefore is a king… Often they just burst in and find anyone whose luck is running out and scream loudly at the person… Almost about everything… Their dissatisfaction, their disappointment… They probably already angry about something else and just want to find a release… Either way, if we are the Customer Service Staff at that time…, what will we do?

The management already teach (or should I say, give proper training) how to handle difficult customer. The kind of person who can make your life a living hell and make you wish you could hire a killer to wipe this person out of this planet. Okay, that is too much. But let us think again. If we are in the good mood, we probably could use the energy of our good mood to muster a smile or a soothing voice. Calm manner and ensuring tone in our voice…MIGHT able to help us to persuade the customer to relax.

Then again, what happened if you also in the bad mood? Surely you can not retort back to the customer and yell them to go to hell? But how to put that (not) sincere smile plastered on your face while all you wanna do is strangle the customer?

Several companies gave this STRESS BALL, placed under the table. So, while the customer service staff keep on smiling to the angry customer, they can release their stress by pinching the ball as hard as they want to…! I heard that within a month, the stress ball need to be replaced with a new one. Must be some kind of customer… ^________^

I just remembered that I have one at home… ah, there it is…

So, watch out people… If you yelled at someone sitting on their desk…, keep on smiling at you with their hand under the table… Oh! Relax… They are not about to grab a gun or knife! But their hand is busy pinching the stress ball, with the imagination that it is YOU that they are keep on pinching (or strangling!)

Be nice! But not too nice ^__^
2 Responses
  1. -Indah- Says:

    Hahahaha.. gua juga punya nih.. ke mana yaa sekarang? Mengingat ngga ada dalam jangkauan tangan jadi sepertinya kurang mempan di gua :p

    Elo udah pernah nyoba? Berhasil ngga?

  2. bridge Says:

    lumayan... udah ancur 1.... tinggal yg satu ini... hehehehehe

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