Shower is a must do

If you want to know what else Indonesian can’t live without…is taking a shower.

Well, mind you we live in a tropical country. And when I said tropical, it means seriously hot and humid. Even before this global warming issue arises, we have been living in a hot temperature ever since we were born. To drive away that sticky feeling in our skin, we take a bath or a shower… To feel the cold water run through our skin, drive away all the sweat from our body…is a wonderful thing to do… Usually we take a bath twice a day… But when we feel the weather is terribly hot, often we take three times a day!

I don’t know about other Indonesian people who go abroad, but as for me… I still need to take a bath… Even that only for once a day… And to wash my hair too… I just feel that if I do not take a bath for a day, let alone for a week… I will turn into a frog. Seriously…

So, have I ever once in my life was unable to take a shower even once a day?

Well, of course!!!

It was when the initiation time in the university. To make us newbies bonding together we have to go on a camping trip. Did I mention that I hate camping? Anyway, I have to sleep with other 7 girls in one tent. But that was not a big problem for me. The biggest problem was when I went to the so-called bathroom… I noticed that the water is dirty. Not to mention that sometimes there were frogs sitting around inside the big bathroom and staring back at us. Clean and decent water is hard to find. There was another big bathroom, where we all girls go in together and have a shower, sort of like the shower you do after swimming.

I remembered that we have to go on camping for 3 – 4 days (the longest period in my life) and I probably only took a shower once. The rest of the days I only took water to clean up my face and to brush my teeth.

So, there was no surprise when I arrived home, my body becoming itchy and my skin becoming full of rash. As if I have some kind of allergy or something.

I do not know if I can survive not taking bath for days even if I by any chance visit 4 seasons country. Perhaps I am just being spoiled… but…I sure do not want to get another rash on my skin for weeks just because I do not take a shower… Brrr…
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