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People said that when we make friends, we should not be so picky. I mean, we should not limit our choices to only people who has the same hobby, or loves the same thing… Because we will never know, maybe if we have friends with different hobbies, we may find ourselves doing something new and it could broaden our perspective in life.


If you want to pursue something in your life based on your hobby, then IMHO, we can really rely more on friends who have the same passion.

Okay, let me give you simple example :

You really are crazzzzzzyyy about this famous actor and thinking about seeing him in person when he comes to your town…
Imagine if you tell this plan of yours to your friend who has no idea who this actor is. The reaction probably will be:
ARE YOU NUTS? Don’t you realize you will only embarrass yourself? Do you think after seeing him, your life will change? He will be your friend?

While if you talk about it with your friends who also a die hard fans, the reaction will obviously be:
OHHH??? REALLY??? That’s a brilliant idea! We should go together (if you both in the same town) and could be: You should go… Oh, I am so envy at you… (if your friend live in another city and giving you the total support)

See the difference?

The positive thing from the negative respond given by people who do no understand your passion is they could give you an idea how to counter things that beyond your thinking. Like, what will happen if you do not see the actor, or if the actor refuse to be taken photo together with you, or just simply said,”You meet him and then what? No use comes to that…”

The negative side, they will bring you down… Thinking that there is no point to continue your plan because they may be right… There is nothing good come of it…

Talking with your friends who have the same passion could boost your spirit because they could give you insight what you should do to achieve the things that you want passionately. They as eager as you, can not wait to see you make your dream comes true because they enjoyed your passion just as they enjoy theirs.

And the little negative side…, because we all love the same thing, we might miss to see things that could be obstacles or others that need to for us to considerate.

Anyway, for now I choose to be with friends who understand my passion and share the same hobby. Because with them, I can ask for their help and input about what should I do next and stuffs. Sound selfish? I hope not ^_____^
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