Talk is a problem...

Being the only child, I love to talk a lot whenever I was in school...

My Mother loves repeating stories to our relatives, about how the teacher describe me whenever she has to pick up my report cards in school
"Your daughter doing okay in all subjects... Having a bit of problem with Math, but nothing to worry about... However...,"the teacher stop to take a breath ..."She loves to talk a lot... even during the class and that is disturbing her friends (really? if my friends were disturbed they would have told me to stop talking, right?) ... So, you may want to advise her on that..."

Yeah, I know I loves talking... One of the teacher finally have enough of that, she called me to her desk in the front of the class, then as a "gift", she put ducktape on my mouth! ^^;; But lucky for me, there was this health inspection who comes regularly to check our teeth... So, I told the teacher that I have problem with my teeth, and reluctantly the teacher open the ducktape.... and I was finally free again... Not talking of course.... but at least I have successfully remove the duck tape...^______^

My talking hobbies finally brought trouble to me in Senior High School. Our headmaster is Mother Superior in this Catholic School. One of my classmate told her about me loves to talk in class and ever since she always lurking inside the class room, try to find out whether I was in the action or not. And like you have suspected, I did...
Our school was using this old building. Each classrooms has big wide open window. And to make the matter worse, my class located near the nun's dormitary. When there was no teacher in our class, we all start talking loudly and throwing stuffs to the air.... We were all having the great time on our life, up to the moment when we saw something white passing the window and then...there she was... Our headmaster. Looking at us coldly. I could still remember her stare which could only be defeated by the stare of ghost in Japanese horror movies.

And naturally after that, she would call us all , the guilty students, gathered all us in front of her office, yelling us... She was probably the main reason I could not wait to finish high school....

After all these years, I still unable to forget her.... And I think neither of the other students of hers. She said she has becoming headmaster since the year 1969... I was not even born yet! My friend once told me that her Dad's friend apparently was one her student. When he visited her Dad, he asked my friend, if that scary headmaster still teaching in our school... LOL...

Nowadays, I still love to chat..., I suppose.... Of course with no fear that my headmaster will look at me coldly from the window of our classroom and give me the cold stare that could turn you into a stone ^^;;
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Huahahahaha.. ternyataaa.. udah hobi ngobrol dari dulu toh!! :p

    Gile juga tuh guru ampe melesterin elo, wakakakakak..

  2. bridge Says:

    iye... heheheheheh... untung gue sangat cerdas dan bisa mencari jalan keluar... Wakakakakakakak

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