Trouble sleeping?

I think I have once told you that I find it hard to sleep in a new place other than my home.

Seriously, I really envy those people (including one of my friends) who can easily doze off to the dreamland once they hit something soft, like a chair on the airplane or even inside a movie theatre... (well, okay....this is due to the boring movie....)

Me? I have to let my body adjust to the new environment first then on second day, after my body get comfy with the new surrounding...then I am able to go to sleep...

My other problem is I am unable to sleep on the floor. When my Mom and my Dad were ill in the year 2008, I have to spend at the least 2 nights in the hospital to stay with them. At night, I sleep on the floor with only a cloth to cover the floor and a blanket... And the next morning, it was like I got beaten by someone as my body feel sooo hurt:( Even I have spent months in the hospital to look after my parents, I still unable to sleep easily on the floor. No matter how tired I am .... Is this mean I am unable to be backpacker? Hehehehe

One other thing, I have a friend who is unable to share a bed with someone else during on vacation... Hahahaha.... Well, a few years ago I could not do that too... I really hate to imagine that I have to share a bed with other people .... That usually happenned when I go with group tour from the church. There was this big long bed. So, like stock of meats ready to be sold, there were about 10 people sleep on the same bed. I can hardly move and just stay on one position. But eventually I am able to do that.... and seeing how my close friend unable to do so kinda reminding me in the old days. Last vacation, we sleep on the same bed, she sleep on the other side... really sleep on the edge of the bed. If she makes one move, she is probably going to fall. While I sleep on the other side of bed. If people not knowing us being a friend, they would have thought by seeing our position...these two must have gone through hell of a fight and now they are not talking to each other....


Well, I suppose sleeping is about comfort and when your body is not get that comfort feeling... then it will refuse to let the body relaxing and have some rest.

Really need to know how to let loose and relax, I suppose and not getting tense all the time :)
2 Responses
  1. -Indah- Says:

    Hahahaa.. lain kalo pesen kamar yang ranjangnya kepisah ajaa :p

  2. bridge Says:

    kan sewa kamar buat rame2.... gak semua ranjangnya terpisah... ada yg king size... :D

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