Apartment or house?

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A friend of mine once asking. Would you prefer to live (this of course under the condition that money is not a big issue) in the apartment or ia common house, which is on the ground with backyard and noisy neighbours and stuffs like that…

Funny to think, that I must be included to the list of person who never bothered about other people. Never care about people around me, except my friends … of course…
So, the perfect place for me to live in, should be in an apartment. Right? But, noo...honestly.. I am not interested to live permanently at an apartment.

First, I don’t like staying in a very high place for more than a week. I don’t know why, but it’s like going to the office and not going home forever. You met people when you are inside the lift, but you won’t bother to get to know them.

Second, I feel like I was trapped inside a big box, and could not breath properly. Okay, this is over reacting. But that is the way I feel about staying in the apartment.

Third, there are so many rules to be followed. Can not cook with ingredients that will bother your neighbour, can not have your own pet,and blah, blah

Fourth, imagine you having a small child and then one day they walk out to the terrace and just flown to the ground because they think they are superman…

Excuses, excuses...is probably because I do not have enough money to live in the apartment. Additionally, I am still a very conservative person … in so many ways. I prefer to live in a house, no matter how small it is… But, it stayed on the ground, have a backyard or maybe a garage to park my car (if I could afford to buy it someday) and probably pretend to say hi to my-want-to-know-neighbour, no matter how annoying they are will be to me…

Do I talk any sense here or just babbling???
4 Responses
  1. BusWayEr! Says:

    Apartment? NOPE.. having went downstairs from high zone area due to fire drill or earthquake surely is not a good sport for me :)

  2. bridge Says:

    agree totally with you :D

  3. ME Says:

    a house donk :)

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