Balance in life

Whenever I put on my clothes, I prefer to look myself in the mirror located in my Mom’s room. Why? That mirror rarely shows my real figure. I look slimmer (not saying that I look slim, that will be a total bogus and I must be on crack) and everything I wear look nice on me.

But, the mirror in my room show differently. Whatever I wear I look hideous. I look ten times bigger from my real size. In short, if I want to have low self esteem, just take a look at myself in this mirror.

So, you can imagine which one I prefer to look at… Definitely the one that can boost my self confidence…

In the reality we do the same thing. Naturally, we prefer to hear nice things that can increase our spirit and be positive about ourselves. Nobody wants to hear bad things about themselves as it will makes us sad and can only think bad about ourselves.

But we also need to realize, to hear constant praises, all the times is just as bad as getting daily insult. And why’s that?

Listening to constant praises will makes us think that there is no need for improvement. What for? We are already in the good performance. Everything that we do is good. I am looking perfect. If anyone disagrees, then they are the one who is having problem not me. Besides, I have more people who love me and I believe them more.

While listening to daily insult will definitely makes us feel …oh I am so bad. I can not do anything right. I am so useless. I am so worthless. Why I even alive in this world if there is nothing good come out of me…? Why nobody loves and appreciate me? Am I really that bad?

Will there be anything good come out of the above situation? None…

I think is good to have confidence and feel good about ourselves. But doing that excessively is not right. It will make us becoming a stuck up person who can’t take any feed back even though that can improve whatever we are doing at that moment. Being criticized all the times makes us have no confidence and we believe everything we do is worthless.

We have to know how to balance things…

Like in my case, I look at both mirrors… The other one to know which one that needs improvement… and the other one of course to boost my self confidence. That with all the flaws I may have, I am still good and most definitely not useless.

3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Betul..betul...betul..kita perlu pujian dan kritikan...dua2nya punya dampak positif tergantung bgmn kita menyikapi....(Sera-Nita)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i know, sometimes a mirror makes me feel so handsome, while the other one makes me feel like movie star...loh... ;p -mahri

  3. bridge Says:

    @Sera Nita : tapi kadang itu yang susah
    Kita lebih senang dengar yang enak2 aja kadang:D

    @Mahri : I think you missed my point ^_^;;

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